Police are probing videotapes and other evidence related to a brawl at the Wendy’s restaurant in Barbican Square, St Andrew early Saturday morning.

A video of the incident, which went viral over the weekend, shows a security guard and a male engaged in a physical confrontation.

According to the police, a report was made about the development over the weekend, and new videos of the incident have since surfaced.

“We are now gathering evidence, including video footage into the matter,” a police source told Loop News.

Alleged eyewitnesses reported that tempers flared at the establishment after the security guard refused to let in more customers than could be comfortably accommodated inside the outlet, at any one time.

That position reportedly led to fisticuffs between the guard and a youngster who is said to be related to a well-known businessman.

Both combatants were said to have thrown major blows at each other before associates of the youngster in the direct line of the action, reportedly kicked in a section of the glass at the fast food outlet, and stormed the establishment, with kicks from multiple angles being directed at the badly outnumbered and outmatched security guard.source loop jamaica